Tree Types

You may not be surprised to learn most people don’t know there are different varieties of trees grown and sold for Christmas trees. Lets explore a few that we specialize in.

Here at Santa and Sons we grow and sell three main types of trees

  • Douglas Fir
  • Noble Fir
  • Nordmann Fir

Perhaps your recognize one of these as the type of tree you typically get for your home. Lets take a deeper look at what makes each of these trees so special.

Nordmann Fir

  • Full, symmetrically arranged strong branches that are perfect for holding large or heavy ornaments
  • Durable, long lasting trees in the home, outlasting by far any other variety
  • With superb needle retention Nordmann Fir have the distinctive quality of shedding the fewest, if any, needles
  • Dark green needles are soft and flatten with a waxy cuticle that gives the tree its shiny appearance and helps prevent drying

Noble Fir

  • Beautiful soft blue green needles and a wonderfully distinct fresh fir fragrance
  • Full natural shape with strong layered branches that can support heavier ornaments
  • Very durable with excellent needle retention
  • Simply the best Christmas tree available anywhere, when you think of the classic Christmas tree shape, this is it

Douglas Fir

  • THE original Christmas tree of the West Coast
  • Grown for Christmas trees in the Pacific Northwest since the 1920’s
  • A uniform tapered shape and a full bushy appearance with upright branches
  • Packed with soft green needles that are soft to the touch and exude a distinctive pine-like scent

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