Meet Mark

A man with long blond hair and a white hat between Christmas trees. He is wearing a red jacket and white pants.

The man behind it all, Mark Rohlfs has been in the tree business for almost forty five years. When Mark was a student in the college of forestry at Oregon State University, he was picked from his class to work with a local farmer in rural Blodgett, Oregon. Was it Mark’s attention to detail that got him picked? Superior grades and good attitude? As silly as it seems now, it was actually just that he was the tallest fella in his class and could reach the tops of the trees with ease.

Santa & Sons Christmas tree farm began as an independent, Oregon Christmas tree farm labor, and reforestation crew. Throughout the late 1970’s and 1980’s, Mark worked with a local farm labor crew on hundreds of Oregon Christmas tree farms. They saw a wide range of different growing conditions and learned the best Christmas tree farming methods while developing a broad knowledge of the Oregon Christmas tree industry and a desire to help it grow and move into the future, while holding true to it’s farm value roots.

Over the years Mark has watched the natural Christmas tree market shift and change and has done everything in his powers to stay ahead of the times. Be it home delivery to a wide area in the San Fernando valley, or his newest online ordering system, Mark is always looking towards the future. At his one retail lot in California, customers have come to know and love the service and quality they get and enthusiastically embrace his modern take on the classic family run Christmas tree lot.

All these years later Mark is still out in the fields every week. He has a small crew that work year round tirelessly trimming and caring for all of his trees by hand, but more on that in a future post.

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