Oregon Christmas Tree

Welcome to the new Santa and Sons Blog

With our new and updated site we’re hoping to give you a more in depth look at all that it takes to grow your Oregon Christmas tree

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking to purchase a tree from us please click the link below

Latest From Our Blog

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

The pandemic has played a large part in how were are getting ready for our 2020 Christmas Tree season, there were a lot of changes to be made but luckily we have had months to adjust our plans. Now, with little over two months…

The Second Life of an abandoned tree field

Can a Christmas tree field, abandoned for years become a plentiful source of trees and bows? Mark Rholfs thought so and is making that a reality. Looking at the photo above, you may not see it’s full potential as a crop of Christmas trees….

Odd balls

Let’s start at the top of the tree . In this image you have 3 different tree tops or leaders as they are known in the field. In the first two pictures you see two leaders vying for the top stop, the place of…

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