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With our new and updated site we’re hoping to give you a more in depth look at all that it takes to grow your Oregon Christmas tree

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Santa & Sons Christmas Tree Stand Exchange Program

Here at Santa & Sons we have been using the same type of tree stands for over 30 years. With our stand exchange program, many customers who have been shopping with us for well over a decade, have only had to buy a stand once! For new customers, our stand themselves are typically unfamiliar and…

California Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas is over, the family has all returned home, the lights are put away, you’ve finally eaten all the leftovers, all that is left to clean up is the tree. But how are you supposed to dispose of a whole tree? Where you live and the size of your tree will make a lot of…

Christmas in July – but why?

As we wrap up July here in Oregon, temperatures hanging out around the high 80’s most days, Christmas is likely the last thing on most peoples minds. Seeing as I’ve always got Christmas on the mind I wanted to take a deeper look into the origins of Christmas in July. For most, these words are…

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