California Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas is over, the family has all returned home, the lights are put away, you’ve finally eaten all the leftovers, all that is left to clean up is the tree. But how are you supposed to dispose of a whole tree?

Where you live and the size of your tree will make a lot of difference in how you dispose of it. For this post I want to share with you about our favorite tree pick up service. While you can now get your tree picked up curbside by your local trash service, even just 10 years ago, that wasn’t true in most areas.

Our number one recommendation for over 20 years has been a full-service tree disposal/recycling service whose mission is based upon environmental responsibility. We have partnered with California Christmas Tree Recycling for years. I recently chatted with founder Charlie English to get the details on what exactly it is they do, and why they do it.

California Christmas Tree Recycling started off when Charlie was working for our long time friend, Tina’s Trees. While out on deliveries Charlie would get a fair number of questions about whether or not they also picked up trees. After realizing that most Christmas Trees in the Los Angeles area were ending up in landfills at that time, they wanted to try something that would make the Christmas tree season more environmentally friendly for LA. They decided to start picking them up and recycling the trees at the end of the season as mulch for natural landscaping uses.

Charlie and his little elf with some very special sourdough bread

Seeing as Charlie already was already working with Tree People he wanted to tie his new tree recycling program to the work that they were doing in the natural areas surrounding LA. Tree People is an Action-Research-Education 501(c) non-profit that reforests barren landscapes, supports communities with education and planting, and conducts cutting edge research to help environmental efforts, among its many other activities. By partnering with Tree People, Charlie was able to get a tree planted for every one he picked up and recycled.

It was a slow start for Charlie and his crew, just a few people with pagers going around picking up peoples trees and helping recycle them…or so it was until Daily News came around asking questions and they ended up on the front page of the business section. Now, California Christmas Tree Disposal is a staple in many homes of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.Their seasonal business has been booming, and with more people every year understanding that climate change is very real, the idea of planting a tree for a cut one has become extremely popular.

Since California Christmas Tree Recycling great thing about this service, is that they also clean up all of the tree needles while picking up the tree if that is something the client wants. They will be picking up Christmas trees everyday (including weekends) up until January 22nd.  Be aware that the sooner you schedule the more likely they can grant you your preferred day and time. Online scheduling is available from their website.

Of course, before you recycle a tree in the LA area, you will need to buy one! Come down to our classic Christmas tree lot at the corner of Burbank and Coldwater, or try our online ordering system at

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