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Odd balls

Let’s start at the top of the tree . In this image you have 3 different tree tops or leaders as they are known in the field. In the first two pictures you see two leaders vying for the top stop, the place of… Continue Reading “Odd balls”

The Elephant in the Christmas tree Field

Spraying, it is a word that brings to mind negative connotations for a number of people but for most farmers, even organic ones, it is a necessary practice. Here in this photo we have some beautiful new growth on one of our established trees.… Continue Reading “The Elephant in the Christmas tree Field”

Our growers thoughts on the shortage of trees

Last Fall our grower and owner Mark Rohlfs made a Facebook post on some changes in the Christmas tree growing industry. Below you’ll find the link to that post and some expanded thoughts on the subject. https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2316776535228994&id=1922427911330527%3Fsfnsn%3Dmo The changing landscape of the Christmas tree… Continue Reading “Our growers thoughts on the shortage of trees”