Welcome To Our Blog

Hi everyone, my name is Mischa and I’m going to be your guide to everything Christmas trees from here on out.

Santa and Sons has been around for a long time but we came to realize many people don’t actually know much about all that goes into getting these lovely trees from our farm, to our retail lot and lastly, into your home every year.

What we want to share with you

  • A behind the scenes look at Oregon Christmas tree farming
  • Information about all the different types of Christmas trees we offer
  • Close up look at all that goes into setting up and running our retail lot at Los Angeles Valley College

Seeing as we’re just humble tree farmers in Oregon, we are new to this blog thing. We are hoping to find a way to connect you more closely to your tree and to us.

Unlike so many other products these days, our Christmas trees really only go through a few sets of hands before they end up with you. We’re hoping to show you just how close you are to us and how much work we put into getting you one of the worlds finest Christmas trees.

We want to stay connected with you year round, not just while we’re in Los Angeles. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that through

  • Our Instagram @Santa_and_Sons
  • Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/santasons
  • This blog, follow us to get notice of any new posts as soon as they come out.
  • Our direct contact, find it under our contact tab. Ask us anything, or share with us something you’d love for us to blog about.